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Here I try to keep a comprehensive list of all my works currently available. If you have have corrections or questions about any story and its availability (including stories not listed here that you think, recall, or suspect are by me), drop me an email, it'll be appreciated!

If the story title is linked, the piece is available to read online. Otherwise, the link leads to the book, anthology, or magazine subscription page.

Book-Length Work:
 Aqua Vitae, WolfSinger Publications December 2011
Jenes Inarya wants to live to experience everything, and it just might be possible. Her quest for immortality leads her through myth and legend to the farthest reaches of the galaxy (well, so the Jericho magazine article said, although it's prone to exaggeration). And it's only the beginning. The rest of a very long life is about to start--but Jenes doesn't yet know how to live it.
"Aqua Vitae is only 70-pages long, but manages to pack a lot...part science-fiction drama, part cautionary the end, Aqua Vitae offers an interesting discussion on mortality and what it means to live, through the lens of a character who wants more from her life...Overall, this was a quick and thought-provoking read, set against an universe made interesting by its reaches into various mythologies, and I would recommend it to anyone with a little free time on their hands and an appetite for the speculative." -James N. (Amazon reviewer, 4 stars)
"Bottom line: an engaging and challenging read, with some food for thought if you have the patience to ferret it out. "-Joan Leib, The Future Fire Reviews
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Things Seen Through the Mind's Eyes--reprint collection of 22 short stories originally published between 2008-2010. Available through AnthologyBuilder.
Golden apples, dates with aliens, refugee spaceships, walls that should not be crossed, ornithopters, shapeshifters, demigods, traitors, Chosen Ones, a beckoning light, and a mirror that reveals the future are just some of the things awaiting between these pages. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Short Story Series: A Dark and Wonderful History (dark fantasy stories based in the same secondary world, centered around women):
"The Gallows Wife," Semaphore Magazine & 2009 anthology, reprinted in Shadows Within Shadows.
"The Loving and Keeping of Wolves," WolfSongs 2  EPPIE Winner Best Anthology of 2011
"How the Woman Brought Death," All About Eve 
"The Forest Gods," Fantastique Unfettered #5
"The Godslayer's Wife," Beneath Ceaseless Skies #71 (available on Kindle)
"Silver Chests and Plain Sight," Bards and Sages Quarterly, reprinted online at Voluted Tales
"Goldenseed," Thoughtcrime Experiments anthology
"So Cold My Blood Freezes," Champagne Shivers
"Invitation of the Queen," Beneath Ceaseless Skies #52 (available on Kindle)

Short Story Series: Across the Curse-Strewn World (featuring Aniver, a wizard of the city Nurathaipolis-that-was, now lost to rogue time, and Semira, the sailor who joins his quest to save it):
"The Storms in Arisbat," Beneath Ceaseless Skies #110 (available on Kindle) Recommended review from Lois Tilton, Locus Online
"For Lost Time," Beneath Ceaseless Skies #165 (available on Kindle
"The Grace of Turning Back," Beneath Ceaseless Skies #179
Other stories in this setting:
"After Zandar" at Sorcerous Signals 

Short Story Series: Heart's Kindred (adventures of Rathin and Anweth, a wandering couple equipped with sword and sorcery):
"Every Mother's Child" in Fantastique Unfettered Issue #2
"An Honorable Aunt" in Silver Blade #18
"Through the Father Range" in Outposts of Beyond #4 
"Eisiden's Sister" in Fictionvale Episode 4
Other stories in this setting:

"Of the Generation" in Roar and Thunder magazine; reprinted in Different Dragons II from WolfSinger Publications

Stories taking place in the Xeocin Empire:
"The Halcyon in Flight," Crossed Genres
"The Twilight People," originally in Tower of Light magazine, now available through AnthologyBuilder
"Goddess of Ashes," originally in Tower of Light magazine, reprinted in the Tough as Nails anthology
"The Sorceress of Avalo," originally in Byzarium magazine, reprinted in Sorcerous Signals
"In the Mirror," originally in Silver Blade, reprinted in the Lorelei Signal. Also available through AnthologyBuilder.
"Ameran Theater" in Every Day Fiction

Science Fiction Stories:
"Drown or Die" in The Future Fire and TFF-X: Ten Years of The Future Fire
"To the Altar" in Warrior Wisewoman 3 
"Reila's Machine" in M-BRANE Science Fiction's anthology Things We Are Not
"Fortune Cookie" in Kaleidotrope #5
"Mother," originally in M-Brane SF #4, now available through AnthologyBuilder
"Harmony" in Kaleidotrope #8
"The Fosterling" on Daily Science Fiction (available on Kindle)
"Outlive" in M-Brane SF #21
"The Last Veteran" at Every Day Fiction
"Following the Mercy Man," in Comets and Criminals
"Ayema's Fleet" in the Battlespace charity anthology. Reprinted in Veterans of Future Wars (
"Farther Than That" in Queer Fish 2
"Two Rivers" in Daughters of Icarus
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"A Marriage, Pure and Good" in Scigentasy's Debut issue
"The Witch Hunter's Account" in Nameless Magazine 
"The Astrologer's Telling" in Daily Science Fiction
"The Equation in the Mirror," originally in Perihelion, reprinted in Comets & Criminals
"Arnheim's World" in Analog Magazine, May 2015

Fantasy Stories, Secondary World:
"Lord Shashensa" in Sword and Sorceress XXIV (with a shorter version reprinted by Nevermet Press in Stories in the Ether)
"The Void Test," originally in MindFlights magazine, now available through AnthologyBuilder and reprinted with audio at Cast of Wonders
"The Beacon and the Keeper," winner of AnthologyBuilder's Match That Artwork Contest, youth division.
"The Wall" in Labyrinth Inhabitant
"Bequeathment" in A Fly in Amber
"The Opening," Raven Electrick
"Playing the Cloud Flute" in Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine
"The Wayab's Tower," originally in MindFlights, now available through AnthologyBuilder
"Murderer, Confessor, Executioner" in Outposts of Beyond Issue #2 (also available at Smashwords)

Unsettling Stories that are almost in this world:
"Hans and Gretta," originally published in Everyday Weirdness, reprinted in Bete Noire Issue #8
"Underground," originally published in The Harrow, now available through AnthologyBuilder
"The Sorcerer Next Door" in Semaphore Magazine, reprinted in Voluted Tales
"A Wizard of the Roads" in Daily Science Fiction
"Ms Brellin," originally in Semaphore Magazine, reprinted in the debut issue of Grim Corps
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"Welcome," originally published in Everyday Weirdness, reprinted at Dark Futures Fiction
"Sibial' In Exile" in Neo-Opsis Magazine Issue #24 
"The Family," a charity story published on this very blog. 

Myth & Humor:
"The Queen's Arrival," originally in The Lorelei Signal and Mystic Signals #1, reprinted at Liquid Imagination. Also available through AnthologyBuilder. 
"Firebringer" at Every Day Fiction
"What's a Demon For" won Second Prize, Youth division in OddCon's 2008 OddContest for flash fiction.
"Dragon Snot and Chosen Ones" at Untied Shoelaces of the Mind (and in its first anthology)
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"Few Are Called" at Every Day Fiction